Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Launch News

Launching a new book may not be on a par with launching a NASA rocket, but it sure has kept me busy. I'm new at this independent publishing business, and learning as I go. What I've learned so far is that more and more readers are climbing aboard the ebook train.

While I've heard from some folks asking when the print books would be available, I've heard from many more who have downloaded Matanzas Bay to their Kindle or Nook. A true story, I walked into my local YMCA the other day, presenting my membership card to Mary Ann behind the counter. She greeted me with a big smile, saying, "I bought your book." She then proceeded to pull her Kindle out of her purse, turn it on and open Matanzas Bay to the page she was reading. "See," she said. "I love my Kindle."

Every author loves to hear from their readers. And instant gratification like Mary Ann's is fantastic.

What else is new? Florida Book News announced the publication of Matanzas Bay earlier this week. Then Kent Holloway, publisher of Seven Realms Publishing, was kind enough to interview me for his blog, Kent Holloway Online. And today, I found myself spotlighted on the UNF Writers Conference Blog.

Pretty heady stuff. Still there's a lot to be done, including working on the second Quint Mitchell Mystery, Bring Down the Furies. Did I tell you I included the prologue and first chapter of that book with Matanzas Bay? So when you purchase it either for your Kindle or Nook, you'll be able to preview the next book in the series.

Stay tuned for more launch news.

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Richard said...

I tried downloading it to my Kindle, but it didn't work. I have no idea why. I'm sure it was a problem on my end. I will try again shortly.