Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Step Forward

One of the best features about the Windrusher series (aside from the great stories, of course) is the wonderful cover art created by master illustrator Andrew Robinson ( As I tell everyone, covers are an essential part of the sales and marketing of any book, and Andrew's covers have played a huge role in the books' success.

After delivering two incredible pieces of art, I wondered how he could top it for WINDRUSHER AND THE TRAIL OF FIRE. You can judge for yourself, but I believe that once again he's nailed the tension and drama to be found within the pages of my next adventure/fantasy.

Here's a brief synopsis of the book:

Separated from his caretakers and relocated to a rural cat rescue operation called Precious Friends Cat Sanctuary, Windrusher learns his destiny is linked to a mythical cat from legendary times. Can this dream-link protect him and the other cats that stand in the way of a ruthless developer’s greedy desires?

Along with the cover, my publisher has allowed me to sneak the first page of the book. Click here to read it—
Look for the entire first chapter in future blog postings.

There is definitely an abundance of tension and danger in this book, pushing our heroic cat to his limits, but I've balanced it with humor and some intriguing subplots that should make this book a real page-turner.

Because much of Trail of Fire is set in a cat rescue sanctuary, my own experiences with The Bear Foundation, and my respect for the the people who devote themselves to this cause, I've convinced my publisher to launch the book with a series of "Book Parties" at the homes of cat rescue people. Similar to Tupperware parties, our Windrusher Book Party will offer lots of fun and prizes along with the opportunity to purchase WINDRUSHER AND THE TRAIL OF FIRE. More importantly, we'll donate 25% of every sale to the rescue organization hosting us.

I hope to do a number of these parties all over the state throughout the summer. If you know of a deserving organization that may be interested, please contact me at I'd also like to know how you liked the first page.

Until next time, keep reading,