Friday, December 3, 2010

Conferences & Workshops

I've been involved with producing numerous writers' conferences and workshops over the past six years. I've also attended so many I've lost count, as well as presented my share of workshops. It strikes me that both are good ways to stay connected with the writing community, to polish our craft and add key individuals to our network of supporters.

Maybe you're one of those writers who found an agent or publisher at a conference. Or made a key contact that led to getting published. Or learned how to write more effective dialogue or scene structure at a workshop. All of this and more can happen when writers attend workshops and conferences with open minds and positive attitudes.

When you become published, you'll also be invited to participate at conferences, which is always a big ego boost, as well as another opportunity to sell books. Of course, there comes a time when we have to decide if our time is more valuably spent staying home and writing or attending conferences.

Let me know if you have a conference success story to share. Now I have to go back to planning the workshops for next year's UNF Writers Conference.