Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Ho Ho Ho

That tal guy wit da funee whiskas is sleepng in today afta late night of catnipping. He woke only to dress me iN silly suit nd sit me in front of the compUtah.  

"Now's you chance to act like an aruthr," he tole me. "You always want to till story in ur words anyway, so go head and write soMethin in my blug--if u can."

O somthin lik dat. I wasnT listn. He dint think i cud do it, but what's so hrd bOut ths typin stff?? 

I did wnt to thnk hM for tellng my last story bouT the fire. That was hot stff, and evry wrd was tru--xcpt the prts he made up. IF u hvnt red TRAIL UV FIRE yet, wht u waitn for?? Science Diet dsnt grow on trees.

Sorry, gut cAreed a--way. But guy wit whiskas says he'l b bck afta the holidays. and i thnk its time fr a nap mysef, so thnks to evryonE whu bot and red advntres of me--WINDRUSHER--an hope youhav happy holidays.

See, no problm wIt wrtng blug. pieece of tuna.

Yurs trudy. 
Windrusher (not Tony)

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